Plans for a New 25 Storey Tower Block causes outrage

Residents are petitioning the Construction of 25-Storey Tower Block in Watford

The Croxley Green Residents Association said it is not in keeping with the area and has not the infrastructure to support it, and will have a devastating effect on the surrounding area.


Ekaterina Hurst has setup a peition to Stop the Construction for A 25-Storey Tower on Ascot Road, Watford.


Any plans here should be in keeping and scale with the present height of buildings. A dense development in this area of 483 apartments will result in inadequate resources and major disruption to traffic flow, parking (allocating only 0.38% per apartment)  and healthcare, causing a severely detrimental impact on people's daily living.

It has also claimed that the proposed development fails to comply with "Watford's own planning policies"


One local who lives in Cassiobridge Road has signed the petition shared on facebook feels this building is too obstrusive and it has been done behind residents backs.

also the traffic will be even worse as the roads are already full, where will these people park?


"There is not room in our roads to park as it is, so we will not be happy if they try to park here" "Why was this done behind our backs? knew you would have objections that is why" she claims and will be joining to fight this.


Residents are petitioning the Construction of 25-Storey Tower Block in Watford

This petition will be delivered before April 19th to:

  • Chris Osgathorp

They are urging people to write to Watford Borough Council with their objections. The authority said no date had been fixed for the planning application to be determined.



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