Lawful Killing Mark Duggan - Documentary 2016

Lawful Killing Mark Duggan - Full Documentary Video 2016

On the 4th August 2011 at approximately at 6pm, an incident occurred in which a young man, a father of four was gunned down by police officers. His name was Mark Duggan, 29.



The killing by a Met officer of a young black man called Mark Duggan sparked the 2011 riots. Now an inquiry is about to decide if the killing was lawful, and Scotland Yard is anxious about renewed racial tension and more riots in London.


On 4 August 2011, armed units from the Metropolitan police forced a taxi off the road before pumping several bullets into the vehicle’s passenger. In a matter of minutes, a 29-year-old black man, Mark Duggan lay dying by a north London road.


The chaos that followed threw London into days of rioting and disorder.


This Press TV production exposes the racist underbelly and nature of the British legal and judiciary system.

For a country that preaches equality, it appears certain individuals are more equal than others in the eyes of British justice.


Mark Duggan’s death is particularly chilling as his killing occurred in Tottenham, a neighbourhood with a poor history of relations between the police and the community.


Mark Duggan’s family and friends are still seeking answers from a British judicial system that they felt not only assassinated Mark Duggan but also tried to assassinate his character.


The Killing of Mark Duggan (Mark Duggan’s killing exposed failings of the UK justice system)(Part-1)



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