Secret Bilderberg Conference at The Grove in Watford England UK 2013

DAY 1 + 2 - Bilderberg Conference Anti-Terror Security in UK June 5th 2013

We got there the day before and recoreded the event unfold.


The 61st Bilderberg Conference, a secretive annual gathering of A total of around 140 businessmen, politicians and defence officials took place June 6–9, 2013, at The Grove hotel in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. Attendance to the event is by invitation only.


The Bilderberg Group is famously shy of press attention. The media (both mainstream and alternative) covered the event – but also present were activists and concerned citizens. Such as InfoWars Truth channel presenter Alex Jones, and David Icke. Also Max Keiser from Russia Today (RT).


Max Keiser on Crooked Economics Manipulation


The confidential secret nature of Bilderberg led to criticism of the group's lack of transparency and accountability, along with concerns about potential lobbying.


David Icke speaks on stage at Bilderberg


Alex Jones on Globalists takeover of the Planet


DAY 2 + 4- Bilderberg Activists Truthers lead by Alex Jones, MP's and 1000s of others in Watford 2013


Activist Michael Meecher Ex-MP for Oldham Leaks Truth to Bilderberg Protestors in England

Michael passed away in 2015

Llist of expected delegates was published by the Bilderberg Group.

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