Travellers Caravans invade Everett Rovers FC Football fields leaving a big bill for repairs

Travellers Caravans invade Everett Rovers FC Football fields leaving a big bill for repairs
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Kids are over the park walking near and curious by the items of which can be classed as unsafe risk.

  • Various Fence Barriers smashed through
  • Residents feared walking dogs on the field
  • More than 20 Travellers caravans and a horse
  • Football practice cancelled at the weekend for Everett Rovers FC

UPDATE 31st July: Travellers leave trail of rubbish the day the left. Broken bikes left over the field, Gas bottles used for touring caravans. A pushchair, even a glass Table and chair, plus a sofa in the bushes.

Along the edges of the fence and buses were waste bags and even an old rusty satellite dish with 15ft pole. Reports that there human faeces exists on the edge of the woods and bushes.

Kids are over the park walking near and curious by the items of which can be classed as unsafe risk.


New disability teams were due to start their training session on the pitches on Saturday but had to be cancelled because of the field being occupied by the travellers.

The barriers will now need to be repaired, and Everett Rovers are looking to raise money needed by using gofundme", so that they can replace with metal security fencing to prevent this happening again.

Anyone wishing to help can visit their website of faebook page.

The land is privately owned and the responsibility Taylor Wimpey. Watford Borough Council are keeping an eye on proceedings.

One year on since travelers were here before. It took weeks to move them off the trespassed land just the other side of the fence tree line which has been sealed off since.

This time right next to new housing and the North Watford mosque.

The Everett Rovers are a FA Charter Standard Development Club based in Watford that was formed in 1997 and currently have over 200 children in the community playing for the club.

Broken Fence at everett rovers football feield near watford mosque
Broken Fence at Everett Rovers football field near Watford mosque

The Police had managed to move the Travelers on, but for them to only return back in larger numbers just a few hours later on thursday. Along with a horse.


The wooden barrier fencing around the Leggatts Park has been smashed to allow vehicles to drive in, and now have parked up in the field.


A female resident on Dodd Road said how police had been there the first day and back gain today but left after travelers where anchored.

A female resident said how she was concerned , but was glad that police will patrolling every few hours.
Local security are already on patrol on the estate.


On the 27th one angry resident messaged, 'Watford is mental! Just been stuck in between travelers setting up home in our car park!!!!!'

Plans to build a clubhouse at a popular football club in Watford could be jeopardized.

Adrien Waite at Watford Council's planning said "We are working with police and the land owner to get this resolved as soon as possible."

Police said no arrests have been made. “Officers from the Watford Safer Neighborhood Team will continue to work with partners to resolve this situation and provide high visibility reassurance patrols for all in the community.

in May around 20 caravans gained access to land in Oxhey Park.


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