Video of Actors practice the scene involving Aerial stunts moves to be performed!!

‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Skydiving Stunts at Warner Bros for 2018 movie

Giant Skydiving machine at Warner Bros Studios Leavesden UKGiant Skydiving simulation wind machine at Warner Bros Studios

Tome Cruise learning to tumble and spin in mid-Air.


New Big Skydiving machine at Warner Bros Leavesden UKAerial view of Skydiving machine, will tom Cruise been on this!!


It’s probably the most stand out pice of film set seen before, as it was close to the edge and visible from the road.


The latest movies being filmed are AQUAMAN, FANTASTIC BEASTS (TITLE TBD), Game Night, Rampage , TOMB RAIDER.

New Big Film Set taking shape at Warner Bros Leavesden UK

Warner Brothers Studios in Leavesden is where the most recent site for filming of the latest Harry Potter film 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them'


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