Jade Organises Mental Health Awareness Week at Leavesden Green Community Centre

Jade Organises Mental Health Awareness Week at Leavesden Green Community CentrePhoto by Wayne

Jade Raising awareness and getting people in the community thriving with good mental health not struggling to survive!


There was be Information and support From Mental Health Charities on help available for anyone effected by mental health.


Jade, 24, has created an app for mentally health issues as part of an assingment for MIND charity on a digital marketing course at the roundhouse .


She was proud to have been selected out of four groups to have her app devloped with help from Analogfolk who already created apps for sainsbusrys and HSBC.


The app will include helpful notes, and ability to keep diary for a progress chart.

She hopes the app will be available before the end of the year.


"I believe good mental health is not talked about enough. I want to Bring the positive side out to show people sharing their experiences isn't so bad and learning to thrive not just struggling to survive. "


"All Money Raised online and in my events will be given to Mental Health Charity's That i will be supporting across the events."


Rabi Martins who is Mental Health Embassador also attended.


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