Teenager charged with Machete attack in Watford has charges dropped over police's mistake

Teenager charged with Machete attack  in Watford has charges dropped over police's mistakePolice outside McDonalds in High Street, Watford, after the attack in March. Photo by [ WatfordLondon images]

A 17 year old boy with dreadlocks from Edgware charged with attempted murder has had the case against him dropped - because police broke the rules


The 17 year old boy from Edgware who got into an altercation causing a man to bleed and rushed to hospital.


The incident occurred in Watford on Thursday (8th March). read more here


Watford McDonalds Daylight Stabbing man bleedsBlood Splatter covered the path outside.


After two police officers viewed the CCTV he was arrested, the teenager said he was at his family's home in Watford, "I ain't the only black person with long hair."



It is alledged he punched and repeatedly struck the victime with  a large machete weapon.


The vitcim fell into one of the market stalls and then ran to hide in an alleyway where he was found bleeding.



The Watford Observer report that this week, St Albans Crown Court found police had broken the rules of CCTV identification when arrested the suspect.


In court the defence barrister Mark Kimsey argued that evidence from officers who looked at CCTV footage in a control room at Watford had not signed in and out and no contemporaneous record was kept of the officers' identification of the suspect.


In her ruling, Judge Marie Catterson said: the officers had made "flagrant and wholesale" breaches of the rules. There had been a "total disregard" for the code on CCTV identification under the Police and Criminal Evidence rules.


She requested for a transcript of her ruling to be sent to the Hertfordshire Chief Constable.

The situation regarding CCTV identification at Watford police station last March "leaves a lot to be desired,"


Prosecutor, Beverly Cripps offered no evidence against the youth on charges of attempted murder, an alternative of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possessing a bladed weapon.


A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Constabulary said:

"This has been a challenging investigation which led to evidence being gathered and charges being brought by the Crown Prosecution Service.

"We will be seeking further clarification around the ruling and will conduct a review of the investigation and our procedures accordingly.

"It would therefore be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.”



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