WARNER BROS. STUDIO TOUR LONDON 2018 HARRY POTTER Brand New Ticket Office entrance.

Today a massive billboard for NEW Ticket Office Entrance was opened for the Harry Potter Studio Tour.


Tourists came waving wands in their hands, at the NEW Harry Potter Ticket Office Opened Today at Warner Bros Tour.


Plus video of the Mission impossible Helicopter Landed


What's On


Friday 9th February – Monday 19th February

This half term, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will turn the spotlight onto the Art Department.


Visitors are invited to discover the craftmanship and artistry that went into every detail of the wizarding world all the way from technical drawings, white card models and concept art to prop-making.


During this time, the Studio Tour will be home to some of the original members of the Art Department, who will demonstrate a range of filmmaking techniques including live wand-making demonstrations by the team who created thousands of wands during the ten years of filming.


Each area of the Art Department will be introduced in a video by award-winning Production Designer Stuart Craig, recorded exclusively for the feature.


Valentine’s Dinner in the Great Hall

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th February


Couples are invited to spend Valentine's weekend in a truly magical location this February as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London hosts a romantic dinner in the iconic Great Hall.


Guests will enjoy welcome drinks and canapés before sitting down to a three-course dinner on the authentic set. Guests will be given exclusive after-hours access to the Studio Tour, a tankard of Butterbeer and their choice of wand to remember their evening.


Tickets went on sale 19th December


Goblet of Fire

Friday 30th March – Sunday 23rd September


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will celebrate all things Goblet of Fire in this special feature running for almost five months.


The Goblet of Fire will return to the Great Hall for the first time since filming ended with live demonstrations showing visitors how the parchment pieces were propelled out to reveal the Triwizard champions.


Created by Pierre Bohanna and the Prop-Making Department, the Goblet of Fire was carved from a single piece of wood. In addition, many new props and costumes from the Triwizard Tournament will be on display including those belonging to Barty Crouch Jr and Fred and George Weasley.


Construction of London's Largest Movie Film Studio Facility



warner bros studio harry potter tour busWarner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, which receives over 6,000 visitors a day at peak times


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