Woman from Watford parking with Stolen Blue badge in town centre fined hundreds of pounds

A woman has been fined £347 after being caught using a stolen blue badge to park illegally.Stolen blue badge recovered after council crackdown

A woman has been fined £347 after being caught using a stolen blue badge to park illegally.


Victoria Sewaa Bonsuu, 36, of Cezanne Road Watford, was stopped by the officers after leaving her car on a double yellow line in Church Street, near the town centre.


In Operation Clamp on Saturday 23 September – officers inspected and question motorists who use disabled blue badges for parking.


When asked, she told them it was her friend’s and that she had dropped her friend off on the other side of the town.


She was cautioned and interviewed by Fraud investigators, who contacted the London Borough of Hillingdon who issued the badge. They discovered that it had been reported stolen on 9 May 2016 and subsequently cancelled.



Councillor Karen Collett, cabinet member for community, said: “We are working hard to make our town centre a better place for everyone. We want it to be enjoyed by all of our residents and visitors.


That’s why we are investing in making it more pedestrian-friendly. When blue badges are misused, people with disabilities are deprived of a place to park their car.


This can prevent them from enjoying our town centre in a way that many of us take for granted. Please show some consideration: If you have access to a blue badge, don’t use it unless the badge-holder is with you.”


Bonsuu stated that she did not steal the blue badge, but found it on the roadside. She was also very sorry and apologetic for using the badge.


She was given a summons to appear at St Albans Magistrates Court on Wednesday 10 January. She did not attend, as she had already pleaded guilty by post to an offence under Section 117(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. She was fined £177 and ordered to pay costs of £170.


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