Parents Alerted to children's phone game has naked Lego-type characters having sex

The popular app also lets strangers send 'inappropriate' messagesThe popular app also lets strangers send 'inappropriate' messages

Popular children's app Roblox is rife with 'naked characters doing very adult things', a teacher warns


Parents at primary schools have been issued warnings about popular children’s app, Roblox, which has been found to contain naked characters and inappropriate messages.


The game is aimed at youngsters aged between five and 10.


In a letter sent home from Bredhurst Primary School, Gillingham, cops told parents: “Most children disclosed that they had online friends in Roblox that their parents didn’t know about.


“It got worse when many of the children stated they had received many in-game messages from ‘strangers’ and that they hadn’t told their parents.


“All of the children had seen ‘naked’ characters doing very adult things.”



"Many of the children we spoke to yesterday said their accounts were “maxed out” meaning they have 200 online friends.


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Cops urged parents to check their kids’ Roblox “friend” lists and report any concerning messages.

In February it will be Safer internet day


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