Shocking research reveals scores of unfilled potholes in hertfordshire

Shocking research reveales hertfordshire as having the most unfilled potholes Hertfordshire came tin the top three

The shocking figure was revealed by vehicle breakdown firm 24/7 Vehicle Rescue, which analysed data complied by pothole action site,


A website setup by a cycling organisation has been logging potholes reported by drivers and cyclists and compiled lists of the councils with the biggest backlogs of repairs in their areas.


The website, run by Cycling UK, allows people - who are predominantly cyclists who spot the holes and can easily stop and log them. These are shared with local authorities.


the website fixmystreet recievess reports everyday.


The total number of reported potholes still unrepaired across the UK currently stands at a staggering 100,249.


The daily mail this is money online, report that a spokesman for Fill That Hole said the figures may be skewed by the number of cyclists in the region, but said it was a strong snapshot of the state of the nation's poorly maintained roads. 


'As cyclists account for a very small per cent of all road users, we suspect that our pothole statistics are just the tip of the iceberg,' he said.

'We know the scale of roads needing repairs is massive.

'And this isn't about pointing the finger at local authorities, or accusing them of not doing their jobs properly. We want to help councils to identify potholes promptly so that they can be scheduled for repair.


'Highways authorities have a legal responsibility to ensure roads are in a safe condition. But they can only do so when they're aware of the issues.'


A report published by last year showed a massive 1,031,787 potholes were reported to local councils in 2016.


The RAC had tracked an 11% increase in pothole-related breakdowns in the last three months of 2017.


Ranjen Gohri, director of 24/7 Vehicle Rescue, said potholes are not being remedied properly by temporary measures of filling the potholes which deeper defect returns with a vengeance.


Cycling UK also says around 6,500 cyclists have been injured because of potholes each year in the UK.


The UK has an estimated £12 billion pothole problem that a £6 billion pothole fund is meant to fix by 2021.




Michael Maccariello, 56, was driving towards Lieutenant Ellis Way from the M25, reported a series of 'six inche deep' “metre-long” potholes along the A10 have left a driver facing a bill of £200, yet Hertfordshire County Council considered them safe”.




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