Website + Video Editing


I can enhance and improve your website and your coverage on the Internet, so your clients and new customers can find the information, not having to wait for slow postal deliveries, or low quality faxes. A Website will include your company’s logo, pictures of products, staff, details of goods or services you have to offer. This would also be less expensive than printed brochures, but still giving your company a better image. Lots of company’s now have this benefit, so why not join them.


Services :

  • Word Files Formated for Print or online display
  • Convert Documents and images to PDF
  • Get Website up and running
  • Add pages to exisiting websites
  • Photography and Video for you product
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Leaflets and Posters
  • Creative Design Logos and banners
  • Social networking Facebook page and others

Photography for Charity Drugsline

Web design and Photography for Runwood Homes


Flash Web Design for UN enterprises


ChartChoice Entertainment